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Here are some parenting resources that you'll find on this blog. If you'd like more then please subscribe as I often send free resources to my mailing list. Some resources are from other providers that I've used or enrolled in. These may or may not contain my affiliate link (If you click my affiliate link you don't pay more - I just get a commission from the provider).

5 Basic Principles of Islamic Parenting Action Chart
5 Qualities of a Muslim Parent Course
10 Days Parenting Kindness Challenge
30 Days Ramadan Parenting Challenge

Being Kind in Speech Lesson 3

Challenge, 10 Days Parenting Kindness Challenge
Challenge, 30 Days Ramadan Parenting
Chart, 5 Basic Principles of Islamic Parenting
Checklist, Resilience

Colouring, I'm a Kind Parent
Colouring, Printable Floral Bookmarks

Family fun Activity Guide

How Prophet Muhammad Connected with Children Checklist
How to Raise Righteous Children, Islamic Parenting Course

I'm Fasting Poster

Journal, My Reflective Journal for Self-Improvement

Luqman's Advice, Quram Journaling Page

Managing My Parenting Triggers Download

My Dua List
My Dua List for Children

Parenting Course: 5 Qualities of a Muslim Parent (Lesson 3 is free)
Parenting Course: Home Sweet Home
Parenting Course: How to Raise Righteous Children
Parenting Course: Parenting Matters

Parenting with Patience, My Parenting Triggers

Quran Journaling Template, Luqman's Advice

Raising Righteous Muslims Online Summit
Ramadan Parenting Challenge, 30 Days,

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