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Thursday 21 June 2018

Teach Your Children To Make Dua

Download free printable to help children make dua below.

Dua is a Muslim's power tool throughout life. It's a part of our worship to rely on Allah so we need to use it every day. We also need to teach our children to make dua as well. In my previous post, I've written about the two things that you need to get your duas for your children answered. In this post, I will talk about ways to encourage your children to make dua for themselves and others.

When you teach your children to make dua, you're teaching them to turn to Allah for all their needs. When they're happy, sad, worried, depressed - whatever the mood is, there is always Allah there for them. It'll give them hope to carry on and an optimism that everything will turn out alright.

When you teach your children to not only make dua for themselves but for others as well, you're teaching them generosity, empathy, kindness and caring for others. When they see someone in need and they lift up their hands to make dua for the person, it requires them to understand the needs of others and a caring and kind attitude to want goodness for them. 

It also teaches your children that when they think they have nothing to give, they still have something very valuable and it won't cost them anything. And that's their dua. They will come to realise that it's a very powerful tool.

Below are some ways to encourage your children to make dua:

1. Model it
You guessed it! The first step always is to model it yourself. When children see you do it then they'll likely to do it too. 

2. Discuss and read about it
For young children, a good picture book to read and talk about dua is 'I Can Make Dua Anywhere' by Yasmin Ibrahim (The Islamic Foundation). It's a book that teaches children to make dua in any situation that they're in.

You might like to get this book here using my affiliate link:

3. Compile a dua list
Download my free printable below and go through it with your children. There's a column for duas for themselves, for you the parents, and blank columns for siblings, grandparents and anyone else your children may want to make dua for.

Making a list is handy because it gets them to think about what dua they'd like to make and for whom. Once they've filled it in, get them to start making the duas at specific times that are best for making duas (in sajda, after Juma prayers, after athan, end of salah etc). 

Download My Dua List for Children in colour. (Join my membership to download)

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