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Parent Coaching

Parenting can be overwhelming. 

You want to do the best for your child but sometimes you don't have the resources or you just want to talk to someone trusted about what you're going through.

Email counseling could be the solution you're looking for.

Whatever questions you have on parenting, I will answer and help you to find the solution that's for you. 

You will get:
  • clarity on what the problem really is about
  • someone qualified to listen to your problems
  • help you to problem solve to find the right next step for you
  • guidance that are based on the Quran, Sunnah and research
  • quick and easy access to best parenting practices

Get unlimited email counseling for a one month. Send your questions or problems to me and I will answer your emails within 24 hours.

Here are what some have said about email counseling with me:

"I feel very comfortable with you that’s why I feel like I can ask you for your suggestions and advice...Thank you so much for your helpful information, and insightful and strategic response. Your way of writing always melts my heart but this response made me so emotional. May Allah let us meet one day so I will hug you and show my appreciation and take some knowledge from you."

"Through what you recommended, my eldest daughter benefited as well. I hadn't realised that I wasn't spending quality time with her since I was so concerned about my son. May Allah reward you for all the time you spent with me."

Try it out for one month. If you like it and would like to continue then you can renew it each month.  You can stop at any time once the month is finished.

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