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Guide Your Child's Behaviour

Guide Your Child's Behaviour Islamic Parenting Bundle

Sometimes parenting can be a bit overwhelming because you don't know which is the best parenting strategy to use. And sometimes it is frustrating because what you're using doesn't seem to be working with your children.

Wouldn't it be great if you knew exactly what to do in each situation with your children or if you had a range of parenting strategies to choose from? How would it be if you had the confidence to guide your children to be the best Muslims they can be with the best behaviour? 

If you feel this way then help is at hand. This set of 3 complementary parenting books will ease your way through your parenting journey. You get 3 books. 

They will take the confusion out of parenting. You will know what strategies to use and when to use them.

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Book 1 is the text providing you with 19 different strategies to use to guide your children. Book 2 is the journal to write your parenting thoughts on each of these 19 strategies and how they're working for you. Book 3 provides exercises for you to put into action these 19 strategies.

This is what you'll get inside these 3 books.

Book 1: How to Guide Children's Behaviour: From an Islamic Perspective

In this ebook there are ahadeeth to support how Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings on him) and his companions used some of them. You will learn about 19 techniques to guide your children's behaviour, ranging from the least intrusive such as using your body language to the most intrusive such as giving consequences. It is an easy to read ebook with many examples on how to use each one. 

You will:

-learn how to use your facial expressions to encourage or deter your children's actions

-discover the formula for teaching your children empathy

-explore the different uses of consequences

-differentiate between a praise and a feedback and understand which one is better to use

-uncover the best way to establish rules

-and much more

Book 2: Muslim Parenting Journal

Muslim Parenting Journal

This printable ebook allows you to record your thoughts on each of the 19 strategies in the 'How to Guide Your Children's Behaviour' book. It takes you through each one and lets you question how you're using the technique and if you're not using it, then how you can begin to do so.

It contains a quote that illustrates the strategy and some questions that gets you thinking and analysing what you're doing in your parenting. The remaining of the page along with an extra page with ruled lines provide plenty of space to write down your thoughts to really begin to unravel them.

You will:

-examine what's working and what's not working with your parenting

-delve into any hidden thoughts on parenting

-consider new strategies to use

-and much more

Book 3: Guide Your Child's Behaviour Workbook

Guide Your Child's Behaviour Workbook

It's great to read about the 19 strategies in the 'How to Guide Children's Behaviour' ebook but it's even better when you have action steps to take you from knowing it to using it. This is what this workbook will do for you. 

You will put into action what you have learnt. Instead of storing that knowledge in your brain, this workbook has 22 exercises to take you through each strategy and get you to work on it. Now there is no more excuse to not putting into practice some of the best strategies used by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings on him).

You will:

-put each of the 19 techniques into practice

-develop new parenting skills and habits

-see a difference in your parenting style and your children's behaviour

-and much more

Get your very own set now and start changing the way you parent for the betterment of your children and the ummah.

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