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Jameela Ho is a mother of two children: one teenager and one young adult. She has worked with young children at playgroups, child care centres and prekindergarten classes. When her children were born she was always conscious of raising them to have the best morals, manners and behaviours. This is what Islam requires. 

For this reason, she wrote her first book 'Guiding Children's Behaviour: From an Islamic Perspective'. This book was written for herself to help make sense of the many parenting practices that were prevalent. When she was asked to fill in for a speaker, she gave her first talk on this book. The organiser loved it and asked for a copy which she later ran her own parenting classes based on it. At this point, the book was given away free on Jameela's blog. She has recently revised and updated the book, along with the addition of a workbook and journal to help parents put into practice the strategies from the book. Thus she accidentally stepped into the role of parent educator.

Jameela realised that to help parents in raising their children to be good Muslims with Islamic manners, to behave well and do the right thing, parents need to change themselves first. Experience and research has proven that parents are their children's first teacher. Children consciously and subconsciously imitate their parent's behaviour. Not only does her children have her mannerisms and behaviours but witnessing her students imitating the way she teaches drove home this important point. It was uncanny every time she sees a student tries to read or teach other students what was read or taught - the way they held the book or pointer, their intonation, their gestures, phrases and even their posture - were exact replicas of how Jameela taught. One assistant commented, "She's a mini you!"

However, the best behaviour for children to imitate is Prophet Muhammad (s). For this reason, parents must try to be like the Prophet (s). To help parents achieve this, Jameela has written extensively on this topic and created a course to help parents develop 5 of these characteristics.

Another way Jameela helps parents to improve themselves is through getting closer to the Quran and understand how Allah wants us to behave. The most fun yet relaxing way to do this is through Quran journaling. This is an interactive way to learn more from the Quran. Jameela runs classes for parents and children on Quran journaling (see here for an online class).

Coming from a background of education and counseling, and currently doing a Master of Research, Jameela knows how important it is to keep up with current research on child development and best practices in parenting. The amazing thing is that everything that the Prophet (s) did is proven to be the best of practices. 

For example, one characteristic of the Prophet (s) is that he was affectionate towards children; he would embrace and kiss them. We now know that embracing and kissing children helps their brains to grow and develops their emotions and attachment to parents. This is how parents can establish a warm and nurturing relationship. This is one strategy in her Guiding Children's Behaviour book and it's one of the things that she consistently did with her children throughout their childhood and adolescence. The results proved that it works.

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