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Thursday 13 July 2017

I'm a Kind Parent Colouring Sheet

Free Affirmation Colouring Sheet Download Below
Colouring is a relaxing and de-stressing activity. As you colour in this page, these words will stay with you and help with your parenting. After you have finished colouring in then stick it on the wall to remind you to repeat them. When you repeat them often enough they will change your behaviour and the way you act towards your child, making parenting a more joyous part of your life.

Download 'I'm a kind parent' affirmation colouring sheet here.
If you like this colouring sheet and want more then I have a 'Parenting Affirmation Colouring Book' for sale on my on Gumroad There are 10 affirmation colouring sheets. 

In this colouring ebook, you get ten pages of parenting affirmations to colour in. These affirmations are:

- Parenting is rewarding
- I am the guide that lights my child's path through life
- I am the best parent for my child
- Parenting is an enjoyable part of life
- My relationship with my child deepens with love each day
- I show my affections for my child
- I am the source of nurture for my child
- I am a capable parent
- I find pleasure in raising my child

Get this book now and change the way you parent.

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