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Tuesday 31 January 2023

5 Ways to Finding Your Child's Role in the Ummah


Fulfilling your role in your community is a part of your worship. Allah made us to worship Him and to serve the community while we’re here on earth. But most kids don’t know what role to fill - they don’t know what they want to do when they grow up. And neither do parents. Good parents will help their children find a suitable role that aligns with their personalities, interests and likes. Never push your children to be something that you want them to be because of your own aspirations.

Finding a child's best role in society requires a match between his or her personality, strengths, interests and hobbies, likes and dislikes and the community's needs. His personality type will show you what he's naturally inclined to do or what his inborn preference is. This is based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type. 

His strengths are what he does best. He will enjoy what he does if it utilises his strengths. Understanding your child's predominant type of intelligence will also give you a better understanding of his strengths and preferences.

.Let your children experience many things so they can find what they’re interested in and have hobbies. Interests and hobbies are great indicators of what they like to do.

Being clear on what he likes or dislikes can help you to understand what he can do and enjoys doing. Sometimes, your community needs people to do certain roles. If it’s an area that is needed and it aligns with his strengths, interests and likes then he can have a perfect calling.

To help parents help their children in finding roles that match with their children, I've created this workbook. There are 17 activities that children can do with adult guidance. Instructions are included on the worksheets.

This workbook will help prepare your child for their role in society. It does this by matching your child's personality with their strengths, interests, likes and the community needs. When you find a role that matches these then your child is more likely to enjoy what he or she does and contribute more effectively to the community.

Follow the activities in this workbook It will give you an idea of what careers your child should be looking at to help him or her make a better decision to fulfil their purpose.

To purchase complete ebook go here.

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