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Tuesday 31 January 2023

A Muslim Kid's Roles and Responsibilities


Everyone has different roles and responsibilities to fulfil. For children, that’s how to be a good child, a sibling possibly, a grandchild, a nephew/niece, then as they get older, a student, a friend and so on. There are manners and behaviours associated with each one.

We can also help children to prepare for their roles in society so they can become an effective member. Instead of wasting their time, they can contribute to the ummah just as our Muslim predecessors did. Of course the most important role is how to be a righteous slave of Allah. By fulfilling all the other roles, a person will be fulfilling this role as well.

Teach children to be responsible for their actions. This will prepare them for life’s responsibilities. It will also teach them to contribute to the family and later to contribute to society. Start with assigning chores to your children.

When people think of strengths they often think of performance strengths or physical strengths and skills. However, strengths also come from personality traits that make up our character. There are six broad groups of positive personality traits: courage, humanity, wisdom, sense of justice, ability for self-control, and the capacity to find meaning in something beyond ourselves.

Do you know your child’s strengths? Observe your child and notice if your child displays these 7 things.

The first three have to be present but the remaining ones are optional. If your child is older (or you want to find out your own character strengths) you can go to to do a free personality survey..

Finding your child's strengths is only one aspect of finding your child's best suited role in society. In my next post I will also talk about the four other aspects of finding your child's purpose and role in the ummah. 

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