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Monday 31 August 2020

Cherishing Childhood: A Guide to Parenting in Islam


Title: Cherishing Childhood: A Guide to Parenting in Islam
Author: Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari
Publisher: Ta-Ha Publishers
Published: Revised 2015
Recommended for: First time parents

Our children are the greatest assets that Allah has entrusted us with. We owe it to Allah and to our children, therefore, to invest our time and efforts into being the best parents we can be. Cherishing Childhood is a parent-to-parent handbook that outlines how to tackle the challenges (and reap the rewards of parenting children from birth to pre-adolescence within an Islamic ethos in a pluralist society.

Cherishing Childhood is an easy to read book for first time parents. There are lots of subheadings should you wish to flick through and look for what you need. 

It contains all the basic  information you'd need for the early stages of your child's life. It goes from pre-birth to infancy and preschool years to the primary years. It's a good introductory book with all the elements that you'll need. Should you want more details into each aspect of the parenting issue then you can refer to other more in-depth books.

Other chapters include the Home Environment and Building Muslim Character, which are very important topics. It talks about using your home to teach your children and to focus on character building. 

The only thing to note about the chapter on the primary years is that the focus is mainly on going to school. So if you're a homeschooler then most of it won't apply to you. However, that is only 1 chapter out of 7. The rest of the chapters are still useful and applicable to everyone.

If you know of any first time parents then gift them this book.

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