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Wednesday 2 January 2019

My Top 5 Parenting Blog Posts 2018

best of 2018

This year, my top 5 posts were about correction, connection and Ramadan. It tells me you wanted to read about the sunnah of parenting and connect more with your child. 

1. How Prophet Muhammad Corrected Children's Behaviour
2018 was finally the year that I had a viral post mashaAllah! It hit me by surprise when I saw the hundreds of shares on Facebook. 

This one came in at 25K+. For some bloggers this is their daily reads but for me this was the first time that I had a viral post. Even though it has slowed down, I still see the number of reads still growing each day. Alhamdulillah. I guess this one really resonated with many parents. 

2. How to Parent Kids During Ramadan When You're Exhausted
Surprisingly this came in at number 2. It resonated with many of you as well. I can understand this as fasting and maintaining patience is quite hard to do.

3. 30 Days Ramadan Parenting Challenge
Who doesn't love a freebie, right? No surprises here. When you combine a hot topic such as Ramadan and a free download, you've got a winner inshaAllah.

4. Connect with Your Child At Special Time
Making time for your child is always important and you guys showed that you understood this by the number of reads on this. Imagine if all parents had a special one-on-one with each of their children for 10 minutes everyday, how different would the world be with children and parents feeling better about themselves and their relationships?

5. How Prophet Muhammad Connected with Children
I've tried to reproduce my viral post and wrote something similar but focusing on a different aspect with this article. It did well as it made it to the top 5 but didn't go viral. It's hard to tell which ones will go viral or be most popular. The only thing we bloggers can continue to do is to put the best content we can for our readers, whether they'll go viral or not.

Jazakallahu khayran to you all who read my articles. I really hope you've benefited from them. Here's looking forward to more in 2019 inshaAllah.


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