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Thursday 3 August 2017

Authoritative Parenting Infographic

A few parents and I were discussing how we could balance being kind with being disciplinary over on one of my parenting Facebook pages. We wanted to be kind, which is one characteristic of a Muslim parent, yet we didn't want our children to walk over us because we were too kind.

I believe the balance could be found in using the authritative parenting style. These parents are warm and supportive yet they set and enforce appropriate standards of behaviour. In other words, they are kind but firm and consistent.

It is for this reason that I've made the authoritative parenting infographic that you can see above. I've compiled what authoritative parents do and it's affect on children. It's a quick guide for parents to easily refer to and follow. I hope that it helps parents to be better parents to their children.

To find out more about authoritative parenting then please search the web as there are lots of info about it. The information that I used for the above infographic came from this site specifically, if you want to read further about the other parenting styles that are not as effective.

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