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Friday 21 July 2017

Book Review: A Gift for the New Muslim Mother

Title: A Gift for the New Muslim Mother
Author: Muneeba Zahid
Publisher: TaHa Publishers
For: New mothers

A Gift for the New Muslim Mother A Gift for the New Muslim Mother is the perfect gift for the new Muslim mum. Written by a mother of three, it is packed with friendly, encouraging and practical advice on welcoming your newborn in Islam, breastfeeding, health, time management and lots more. It is liberally scattered with motivating Qur'an quotes, inspiring ahadith and comforting du'as, as well as top tips to help you be the best mum you can be in these precious early months.

I was browsing the bookstore one day when this pretty little book caught my eye. At 15cm x 15cm (6 inches) it's small enough to carry around with you. This is convenient for new mothers as you wouldn't want to lug around big tomes of parenting manuals from room to room or have it clutter your precious free space on your bedside table. 

I picked up the book, because I like cute pretty little things (remember the miniature Polly Pockets? Yes I still have them), and flicked through it. 

There are thirteen chapters but each one has only two to three pages as the author wanted to give new mothers some quick insights and tips. Another convenience for new mothers! When you don't have much free leisure time or are too tired to read, this will give you what you need quickly. The author also listed some recommended parenting books at the end, should you wish to read further.

A third added convenience is the attached ribbon bookmark so you can quickly flip to the page that you're reading or to an important page that you need. No need to fold down the corners and ruin the book or searching around for scraps of paper to bookmark your place!

'A Gift for the New Muslim Mother' is geared towards new mothers. It's small, sweet and concise and exactly what a new mother needs and makes a lovely gift.

You can get a copy on Amazon (my affiliate link).


  1. Jahzahkillahu khairaan for reviewing my book. I am so thrilled to read that it was useful to you. Thank you for your very kind words. M.Z