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Friday 17 April 2020

Free Ramadan Quran Journal

Last year during Ramadan, I ran a Quran Journaling Challenge. It was to do an ayah from the Quran each day. The topic was on Ramadan, good deeds, what to avoid and the reward for righteous deeds. Read about it here.

This year, to make it easier for everyone, I made this journal. It contains the same Quran prompts as the previous challenge. So all you so is follow each day's ayah, read the tafsir on it, reflect on how it applies to your life and finally, how you're going to put it into action. You can decorate it if you wish.

This year, my challenge to you is to try to do it with your family. Learning together helps you to grow and develop as a family.

Download the book and print it out. Read the tafsir together and have a discussion about what it means to you as a family. Have each person write it down or take turns to write it down. Then think about ways you can put into practice what you've learnt. This way, you have each other to hold you accountable for applying it. Writing it down will help you to remember what you've decided to do and also makes a good record of what you've learnt and how you've improved as a family.

If you haven't tried Quran journaling then start this Ramadan. We all need some Quran in our lives each and every day. By reading and trying to understand what Allah is telling us and putting it into practice, we get to practice the Islam that Allah has decreed for us. Insha Allah, we will become better Muslims, better spouses, better parents - just a better human being in all aspects of our lives.

May this Ramadan bring you and your family closer to Allah. May you benefit from this journal.

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