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Monday 21 August 2017

Preventing and Dealing with Back Talk

Does your child talk back to you? My article on how to prevent and handle back talk from your child is published on Productive Muslim. To complement the article, I've created this infographic above so you can download and keep handy.

Here are the 5 ways to prevent your child from talking back to you:
1. Model the way you talk.
2. Be attentive to politeness.
3. Listen attentively.
4. Change your commands.
5. Set rules and consequences.

And these are the 5 ways to handle it when it does happen:
1. Stay calm.
2. Determine the type of back talk.
3. Offer an alternative way.
4. Don't be drawn into an argument.
5. Remind of the rules and consequences.

To read about each of these ways then go to my article 'Does Your Child Talk Back?' on Productive Muslim.

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