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Thursday 20 April 2017

World Book Day Colouring Sheet

World Book Day is this Sunday 23rd 2017!

What a great excuse to be reading on this day. Are you and your children ready for it? Get them excited with this colouring in sheet. Colour it, decorate your room with it and then grab a book to read. Download the pdf below.

Teachers and parents, you grab a book too. Your children need to see you modeling the reading behaviour so they too can copy it.

I've been asked by parents on how to get their kids to want to study and I think the best thing you could do is to get your kids to love reading. It's by reading that they learn. If they love to read then they will have a thirst for knowledge and will want to read all about it.

When I was little, reading meant that I could do things that I don't normally do. We weren't allowed to keep pets so I read books about others having pets. And then I'd wanted to read all about cats and rabbits and horses. When I was a teenager, reading meant that I could travel to different places. I started reading Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and other English classics. Then I'd wanted to read more about English history. So when I got to university, there was a lot of reading of textbooks and journals but by that time I was used to reading and comprehending difficult texts.

The bottom line is to encourgae our children to read!

You can download the World Book Day colouring sheet here.

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