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1. Childhood Anxiety Islamic Parenting Pack

38 pages of checklists, templates, printables to help your child deal with anxiety.

2. Guide Your Child's Behaviour Islamic Parenting Set

Contains 19 strategies for you to use to guide your child's behaviour. Pdf download.

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3. How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Child Book

3 steps to nurture the precious relationship that you have with your child. This is a workbook that will get you to actually do the 3 steps. Pdf download.
4. Parenting Affirmations Colouring Book

Contains 10 colouring pages for you to de-stress and affirm your kind parenting style. Pdf download.

5. Positively Communicate For Positive Parents Book

58 pages. Build a strong relationship with your child through positive communications. Leave the negative talk and learn positive communications. With actions to take to help you apply each skill. Pdf download.

6. 5 Qualities of A Muslim Parent On-Line Course

13 lessons to help you develop and nurture the 5 qualities that all Muslim parents must have: kindness; patience; affection; lenience and guidance.

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7. Workshops
Are you an organisation that wants to hold parenting workshops? Currently there are three parenting workshops. Click the titles for more details.

a) Guide Your Child's Behaviour - teach parents the 19 parenting strategies. Attendees will receive the Guide Your Child Parenting Set. Details here. 
b) Improve Your Relationship with Your Child - putting the three strategies to improved relationships into action. Attendees will receive the Improve Relationship book.

c) Be the Best Muslim Parent - teach parents to parent with kindness. Based on the 5 Principles of Islamic Parenting and 5 Qualities of a Muslim Parent.

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1. The Kindness Journal
A place where you can plan and reflect on being kind. When you're being kind then you're role modeling for your children. Pdf download.

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2. My Reflective Journal for Self-Improvement Set of 4
A journal to better yourself every day. You get all four versions. It's real value for your whole family. Pdf download.

"Thanks indeed for the self improvement journal which is quite innovative." - Salah Uddin Mahmood

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