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Collaboration is what will get you further quicker. This is what I've been experiencing over the past few years. You can choose to go it alone and reap all the benefits for yourself. But I don't recommend it as it's very slow and tedious. Or you can work with others to produce something much better, a lot quicker and at the same time much more fun and everyone benefits.

Yes, collaboration does work my friends.

It's such a great strategy for growing your business or audience that I've started to write a book about it. It's half finished now.

ways to collaborate

Last night, I gave a talk about the ways you can collaborate - which is one section from the book. I've decided to give it away for free. So if you'd like to receive it and learn the different ways you can work with others then subscribe below.


When the book is completed then I will let you know where you can get it. InshaAllah.

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