About Me

From the young age of 9, Jameela was always seen with a young child attached to her hip, whether they were cousins, nephews, nieces, children of family friends or acquaintances, it did not matter. This continued into her adult life as she became a mother and a child care worker. Her fondest memory is of her then 1 year old waking her up every morning with kisses all over her face.

Jameela has taught, and is still teaching, children from all ages. Along the way, she also helps parents with parenting support. Parents often would hang around after class to ask her about their children, not only about their progress but also about parenting advice.

Oftentimes, she noticed that if parents had a better relationship with their children then family life would be more enjoyable. So she gives parents the tools and techniques to nurture their relationship with their own children.

She can be found online at jameelaho.com (parenting site) ilmaeducation.com (teaching site) and jameelaho.wordpress.com (author blog).

Jameela is available for parenting workshops and seminars, both online and offline. Contact her here.

She is also available for coaching or counseling. Book here.

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