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3 Steps to Build Connections with Your Child

The way you communicate with others determines how your relationship with that person will be. It doesn't matter who they are, they could be your parent, your boss, your customers, your neighbours and yes your children. The way you talk and interact with them affects the relationship.

To create a genuine connection with your child, there are three things that you can do. These are:
  1. Spending time together, 
  2. Talking positively and listening actively, and 
  3. Providing encouragement and support. 
The three basic requirements of any relationship.
I have written about these things on my blogs and others' blogs (if you search my name in google you might find them all). The time has come to put them together and make it easy for you to take action on them. 

To this end, I've written an action guide and workbook called, 'How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Child'. It goes into details about these three steps with exercises to get you to do them and finally improve your relationship with your child.

Download the contents page to see what's inside.

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