Friday, 7 July 2017

Better Muslim Parenting Webinar

I've just made my first webinar. It's pre-recorded. It's exciting and yet nerve-wrecking at the same time. InshaAllah, I'll get better with more to come. 

In this webinar, I briefly go over the 5 Principles of Islamic Parenting (read my article on Productive Muslim) which then leads me to the 5 Characteristics of a Muslim Parent.

So to become a better Muslim parent, you need to have these 5 charateristics.  This is what this webinar is about. I go through these characteristics focusing on the first characteristic of being kind and merciful.

There are two ways to be kind to your child. The first is through your speech and the second is through your action. In this webinar, I go into details of how to be kind to your child when speaking.

Go ahead and watch this webinar to the end as I have 2 gifts for you to download. You'll leave the webinar with something kind to say to your child. If you continue to be kind in your speech to your child then inshaAllah your relationship will be nurture and it'll grow into a mutually loving and responsive one.

Watch here:

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