Friday, 5 February 2016

Learning Math and Science with Blocks

Blocks are one of the most fun and open-ended educational toys that your child can use for playing and learning. Your child won't easily get bored with blocks because there are so many different things that he can make with it.

The added bonus is that as your child is playing, he is learning math and science concepts such as structure, balance and symmetry.

My own children loved blocks and now, my preschoolers are loving it as well. But there is one thing that's frustrating with blocks and that is, if you're not careful, they will fall over. Of course, this will teach children about structure and balance but I've just discovered a new type of block that has tiny magnets embedded into it - imagine the many amazing structures that your child could make without it falling down!

Your child will still learn about structure, balance and symmetry but he can now make structures only limited by his imagination. These blocks are called Tegu Blocks and you can get them here using my affiliate link, if you wish:
I think this is a great idea because after your child has finished making it, he can play with it. He can build bridges and roads for cars to travel on without having to worry that it'll get ruined. He can make animal shapes like those above and use them to play.

Of course, if you can't get the magnetic ones then please get the normal wooden ones. Your child will have a fun time building, playing and learning.

If you can't find any near you then you can get them here (my affiliate link):

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