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Multicultural Children's Book Day Book Review: The Jilbab Marker's Eid Gift


The Jilbab Maker's Eid Gift
Publisher: A.S Noordeen
Pages: 38
Size: 23.5xm by 15cm
Age: 7-10

The story of the jilbab maker, (a jilbab is a long garment worn by Muslims) is told in a folktale like format. This is a story of a queen, more misguided than evil, who wanted the very best jilbab that only Siti the Jilbab maker can make every Eid (which is a festival celebrated by Muslims).

Siti, however, is also a wise and patient teacher not easily intimidated by the powerful queen. She resisted the selfish demand of the queen and is thrown into prison. But through Siti's pateince, the queen discovers a way to gain a jilbab from Siti. You can read the back cover below to find out more about the story.

What I like about this story is that it's a made up folktale about characters who happened to be Muslims. It's not too preachy and I love the ending (which I won't give away). The queen got what she deserves and like most folktales, the ending is a happy one. 

The moral of the story is patience and selflessness which are seen through the actions of the characters rather than the reader being told is an added bonus. 

Why I thought it'd be suitable for children 7 years old and up is because there are more words than would suit preschoolers and kindergartners. Have a look inside (picture below). Most of the pages are like this.

There are not many Muslim folktale story books so this makes it a good addition to the Multicultural classroom.

If you can't find this book in a local bookstore then you might be able to purchase it here (if they restock):

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