Monday, 17 August 2015

Free Download: 100 Dolch Sight Word Cards

Free Download: Sight Word Cards
To help you teach your child to read sight words, I have made these flashcards that contain the first 100 Dolch sight words. They are the most common words used so if your child memorised these words then he will be able to read most of the words in sentences.

BUT do not depend only on memorising words. You would still need to teach your child phonics and how to blend the sounds together to read words. Your child will need to know how to decode new words that he hasn't memorised or encountered before. Sight words alone cannot do this.

It's more efficient to memorise these sight words since they are so common that your child will encounter them regularly. Also, for some of them, it's not possible to sound them out such as 'the'. For these two reasons, it makes more sense to memorise them. For all other words, they need to be decoded through phonics.

Read this for more details into phonics and sight words. In the meantime, download your free sight word cards now.


  1. Salam sister,

    On "Children Learning Reading" website, they advice not to start teaching children reading by the use of sight words:

    What do you think? Do you know what is their logic?

    1. Definitely, do not teach sight words first.

      Sight words come after they have mastered phonics. When you teach sight words first you are teaching your child to think of reading as just memorising a whole bunch of words. But the English language has thousands of words and no one can memorise them all! Your child needs to be able to decode any new words that he encounters - which is a knowledge of phonics.

      Read my posts here, Mistake #2

      And my article on Muslimommy on how to teach reading

    2. Haha... I have a comment on that post, meaning that I read it! LoL

      I guess what happened with me is that I marked the "sight words" in my head as a big No No because here they like to start with them... so when I saw the words "sight words" I immediately thought: "Oh my God! The evil sight words!" LoL

      Ok... ok... now it is clear :-)