Thursday, 14 May 2015

Free Download: My Phonics Trace and Colour Book

Free Download: Phonics Trace and Colour Book
These worksheets are great to use to accompany the learning of phonics. Your child can trace the letter and colour in the pictures that begin with the sound of that letter.

Sample pages
The following is an example of how you could use the letter a worksheet.

1. Show your child the worksheet and say, "This is the letter a. It makes the sound 'a'." Show your child how to trace the letter correctly and let her/him trace the letter.

2. Once your child has finished tracing, say, "This is an aaaaapple. The word aaaaapple starts with the sound 'aaa'." Let your child colour the apple. Repeat with the other two pictures.

3. Optional: You could write the word 'apple' below the picture of the apple and say, "This is how we write the word apple. It starts with the letter a because apple has the 'aaa' sound at the beginning." Do the same for the other two pictures.

4. Optional: Turn the worksheet over (if the back is blank) and let your child try to write the letter a by himself.

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  1. Baby Leo is still so young... I downloaded the book for my niece :-)